With the fast developing information technology, the internet is open, all the news and information spread like a wildfire, no matter good or bad. However, there are various websites that offer unhealthy and bad content as well as attracts potential security threats such as viruses that can travel through an unprotected network. So what can be done here?

A proxy server has all-around filter functionality and can realise internet filter and web filter, no matter the content or the site itself. Web filter can effectively control the websites that you want to visit that is why it is known as web filter proxy server, it easily blocks all illegal and unhealthy sites. That being said, but how to configure the proxy server to make it filter anything you want.

The first step is to install CCProxy after installation click the Account button on its main interface.

The second step is to create a web filter rule, check site filter box and forbidden sites box and then enter sites you do not want to see. Not just that, you make a filter by adding the Open DNS address in the Advanced DNS Filter and defining the whole or partial URLs in the Forbidden URL edit box. Next check the Forbidden Content box and add in the specific characters.

The third step is to enable Web Filter function for the accounts which you want to limit and choose the web filter rule you have created for these accounts in the step 2 above. Make sure to save your changes and test the website that you have blocked.

If your website is successfully blocked, you will see an unable to connect page.

After all these configurations in proxy server CCProxy, all the websites that you have blocked will not be accessed by anyone. Thus you have created a safe internet environment and can leverage the internet without any trouble.